Men’s shirt fabric

Men’s shirt fabric is our core product that we have been making for decades. Our excellent design department and extensive know-how in the printing and production process guarantee that our partners from the fashion industry can always rely on our quality.

Every printed men’s shirting fabric signed by Tekstina represents a months-long story, starting
in the design department, where ideas are discussed and evaluated. Our Art director carefully curates the ideas and inspirations,
slowly developing them further with trends for the upcoming seasons, general fashion trends and tips from freelance designers.

After the initial ideas are sifted through, real design work can begin.
The design team prepares hundreds of sketches, drafts, and drawings, which are then grouped together to create stories.
Each story represents a profile of a finished cotton shirt fabric:
formal shirt material for business, or more relaxed patterns for casual and leisure wear.

The designs that meet quality criteria are then developed to perfection. Each layout of cotton shirting fabric is carefully reviewed and prepared for production.
We dedicate our attention to every detail of every layout, and it takes us days to come to the final result that we are happy to present to the fashion industry.

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Summer 2023

Tropical vibes

The easy vibe of and exotic summer holiday with lounging in the sun and the non-stop party at the club. Colours reflect the summer mood, and the contrast is created with the interlacing of the colours that can be found in nature and the man-made colours of summer fun. The patterns show palm trees, leaves and exotic animals, and reflect safari styles with geometric patterns and ombré.

New Folk

Warm, nostalgic patterns of the times long gone for a man with a strong emotional connection to the olden days. He enjoys a sense of freedom, wants to dance again, give himself another taste of the festival life with a feeling of nostalgia and with the desire to rethink traditions. The patterns are oriental floral, geometric or mosaic, and give a retro feel that gives the impression of optimism in new beginnings.

Daily Routines

Fresh, fast-paced yet playful daily life of the young professionals, who like to look smart and trendy. Their routines are new and adaptable, their lifestyle crisp and modern. The colour mood is light, fresh and pastel, while the patterns are classic with a modern twist and include conversational designs and smaller patterns.

Open Air

Living in a city but always craving the great outdoors: catching some wind on the boat, climbing a mountain, skiing, or just taking in all the crisp fresh air in the nature. The environment-friendly life of someone, who likes to eat home-made meals and tries to preserve the nature in its purest state. The natural, soft colour mood is captured in botanical camouflage, geometric and abstract floral patterns.

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All our patterns and fabrics are developed hand in hand with the limitations and opportunities offered to us by the technology we are using. To optimize every aspect of this, the design department is cooperating closely with the printing and production specialists to ensure that the end result matches the designer’s vision and the quality requirements of the production process.