Fashion fabric for women

Fashion fabric creation requires a committed and well-versed design team who can capture the moment while also inspiring with their creativity and innovation. Because creation of luxury fabrics for clothing requires dedication, tradition and commitment.

Nostalgic play

Our AW 22/23 collection draws its inspiration from the latest infatuation with the styles of the late 60s and early 70s with subtle hints of Art Nouveau. The colours and colour combinations are reminiscent of the interior designs from that era with clean and uplifted winter hues. There are vintage florals, contrasting mixes of geometric and floral patterns, but also bohemian blooms and playful geometrics. These colours and combinations exude a mood boosting and optimistic feeling, much like the revered Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit, where a lot of our inspiration came from.

Nature’s invitation

We are living in the times that call for a reconnection with nature. Nature is giving us life and it is extremely important that we preserve this connection for our generations and the generations to come. Our AW 22/23 collection builds on the wonders of the natural world that surround us. While creating it, we were particularly attracted to the beauty of a winter garden. The collection illustrates and celebrates the intricate details of the splendour of nature and the power it has upon us.

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Crafted Culture

Traditional crafts seem to have achieved a timeless status in the global culture.
Paisley pattern has a timeless luxury feel while hand-crafted geometrics play
in an important decorative role. The overall feel is timeless and classic with a heritage feel.

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